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Welcome to my Home Page.

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 I have worked on the website for Jake West: The Keeper of Stones; a novel published last summer. It is a fantasy novel for teenagers, if they like Harry Potter, this is better for teenagers. I have a signed first edition (can't be bad). I also did some pre-publication of my novel and I'm waiting to hear from a publisher. My children's story went on it's travels for children with cancer and I submitted a short story to the BBC. I also had one article published on finance and did a lot of guest blogging.  I have a new blog that you may like to read. I'm also on Twitter now, I don't fully understand how to use it yet, but you are welcome to follow me @Mike10613! I set goals for 2010 and tried to achieve them; that is a good idea. I shall set goals for 2011 and try to write more on the novel I am writing now and finish it. I also help students and so will continue with that. I'll do some guest blogging and of course continue to get involved in social networking. There is a Facebook icon on this page, click that and you go to my Facebook page. You are welcome to add me! If you want good interest on your savings, click my link to Zopa below. I started lending with 500 GBP in February and I have 575 GBP in my account. 50 GBP was from an introduction and 25 GBP in interest. That is worth considering.

Check out my friend's blog about social media and getting rich and famous on the Internet!


I  joined Zopa and it seems like a good idea, better than the  banks anyway! I am a lender and I'm getting better than 8% so far on my investment.

If you want a decent interest on your savings or to borrow money why not try this site:

I have just placed a bet on Betfair as I was writing this! It is better than the bookies and you can lay your bet off half way through a long race and I did quite well betting during matches on the World Cup. I tended to 'lay' bets; that means I took bets from other people. I took one against a team getting a clean sheet and as soon as the other team scored; I won! You can join Betfair at: Use referral code YP3CM777F and deposit 25 pounds and they give you 25  pounds to go with it. You can place bets or "lay" (that means taking bets from others). You can bet on most sports, in play, multiples and even financial bets.

If things aren't going so good, you can't get a pay rise or get a job, maybe you need a little charisma?

I wrote a blog on it to help check it out:

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Click here and visit Monty's corner and help some sick kids; it will make you feel good:

I have written a story for Monty's corner that will go around the world for 365 days to sick kids in lots of countries. They can add to the story or get involved some way and I'll keep you updated on what is happening on the editorial page.

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My friend does self portraits and sells them on EBay. Check out her picture.

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 This is one of my new photographs:


This is the promotional video for my novel, I'll do a HD one soon! :)


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Thanks everyone, I hoped this counter would hit 4,000 by the end of 2006 and a last minute rush sent it way over - well done! Update: It's now nearly at the end of 2008 and the counter is over 28,000 so thanks everyone who has visited. I shall be totally re-designing the whole site  in 2010 and adding photos I've taken and a lot more stuff on doing your own website. I'll be using Dream weaver for the new site which is a lot more powerful than FrontPage. Take a look at my new photos on the Gallery pages. The counter hit 40,000 by the end of 2009, not bad...  July 16th 2010 and it's on 47,230! The counters stopped working... arrgh..

 I now have a new camera and if it stops raining I may venture outside and take pictures! Some pictures are already on new pages - start on the gallery page and click forward to the next picture. New pictures on the  PIX pages and  FRIENDS pages too. I'm also taking better photographs now with my Fuji S5600 and so I'm putting some tips on taking photos on some pages too.





























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