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Stuff to do with the Internet. . .   

Advertising your website can be done with a small classified advertisement, business cards, even in web logs anywhere you get the opportunity to  plug your website address. Joining a web ring is a good idea too, you advertise other peoples web sites on your site and they do the same for you and it works to your mutual benefit.

You can get FrontPage, that's the program I'm using to do this as part of Office, but that's an expensive option. I've seen it advertised and discounted - it was still expensive but may be worth getting. Most times however, many FrontPage extensions won't work on your web space. For example I have counters, but they are hot linked to servers on the other side of the world! The same applies to the guest book. I've tried doing "forms" that's those boxes where you sign in or put in a password or enter comments. I tried it on a site that is supposed to allow FrontPage extensions, but they didn't work. You also have to make your site interesting enough to give your visitors a reason to repeat their visit. The counters on my site count individual IP's that's individual visitors and it counts clicks on the Home Page - and indication of repeat visits.

Once you get the general idea of how to design and manage a site you may want more web space. Try make sure you select the country you're in so the prices for domains and web space come up in your currency. Another site worth visiting is . They do a program that allows you to send email attachments up to 1 gigabyte free! You can also put a Pando logo on your website and people can download 1 Gig of files from Pando. Watch out for that in the future on this site!

You could advertise your website locally and use it as a sort of Community magazine. Do pages on local events and advertise you web site address on shop windows. While you are in the shop persuading the shop keeper to advertise for you, offer the shopkeeper free advertising on the Internet.  All you need from them is a card on their window advertising your website. You can give them a full page, full colour advertisement with photographs on your site. Take a laptop into the shop a few weeks later and show them the advertisement and they will soon be parting with their money. Small shop keepers know how expensive it is for a full page advertisement, even in the local community newspaper.

If you need help getting your site working or just want a website or to join my web ring - email me. I can give you a link and get you on the search engines. Many people type TalkTalk web space in to Google and find my site!

I'm doing this site with FrontPage but I'm learning Dreamweaver. You can watch a HTML tutorial on the  Home Page and there is a tutorial on Dreamweaver on the  Webz page  that is useful. After you have finished watching it a search box will come up and you can search for part two or simply go to the website mentioned in the video.

I want to find a good Freeware web design program - I've tried NVU and that is about the best so far. I like FrontPage and hope to try Dream weaver again soon. Incidentally, if you've tried Dream weaver like me and couldn't get the hang of it - watch the Google video on Dream weaver - it's very good. They also have a series of videos on economics that are fascinating. NVU now seems to have been replaced by Komposer available from . I have heard it's quite good.


I'm now building a new website if you want to watch it develop. I tried using frames in Dreamweaver, it hasn't worked great and so I'll use a template instead and build the website locally and then upload. Dreamweaver is heavy on CPU power and needs more memory. I have a dual core Pavilion and 4Gb of memory  and that is helping.  I'm still getting used to Windows 7 (64bit) but have a 500Gb hard drive and a 1Tb external drive for backups.





























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