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If you can't find what you're looking for by searching then look around the site. The logo on the TalkTalk page takes you to the TalkTalk home page. A lot of the adverts will help you find what you want. If all that doesn't help, my email address is at the bottom of the page.  You can email me for help and usually get a quick reply. I am catching up on stuff because my laptop went in for repair and I'm promoting my writing. If you check my web ring page you'll see a graphic link to Monty the monkey's website and I'm working on a story for charity. I should finish that today. This site is old and messy. I am doing the YouTube course on Dreamweaver and will get the hang of CSS eventually and just replace the whole site. It's using about 8 Mb at the moment with graphics hosted on Photo bucket. The Adsense on the site and my blogs is doing better and breaking even.

Downloads and Freeware..

A warning about Bit torrent when it says its uploading 13KBS that is Kilobytes not kilobits! If you are on ADSL like me it can take up all your upload bandwidth!

A few freeware programs to search for, zipitfree, ipnetinfo, pando (allows you to send attachments over the Internet up to 1 Gb free), Imesh (good for music), CCleaner (fixes loads of problems including registry problems), Youtube downloader (allows you to download Youtube video and even make an MP3 from a music video) and finally PrimoPDF (This installs as a printer so when you click print - it produces a PDF and there are options for example an E-Book).

Jigsaws and Art

Starting the Yahoo group for Jigsaw and Art, I  came across . Yahoo only gives the group 20mb for all the files we upload. Esnips gives you a full 1 gigabyte. You may also like to check out that gives you a sort of email program. You can send attachments fairly easily up to 1 gigabyte in size and the link to Pando goes in an ordinary email. I have a plan to use Pando so you can download a Pando package by clicking an icon on this website. I just need some stuff to put in the package! It will probably be jigsaws and freeware.

Roxio Easy Media Creator 9

 Easy Media creator 9 is quite good - it does re-writable DVD that play in my DVD player, music CD, MP3 CD's - all fairly easy. The bad news is it takes up memory running TSR's and it indexes your Hard drive. That wasn't obvious until this week. I already had Google indexing my hard drive - the two programs doing that together caused serious problems. My CPU power was gobbled up by these 2 apps and my music wouldn't play properly and a load of other problems. I'm still not keen on the TSR's and hope to stop them loading. It's also useless for backups - if you do a backup - it doesn't restore on the tools page in tiny letters is a link saying retrieve and if you did a destructive format - hard luck - the retrieve program just got wiped - the idiots didn't put it on the CD/DVD it's on the hard drive - or it was ...


Ever wondered what web2  is - maybe this video will help? The video on the right was made in 2003 as part of a drive to make us all computer literate and give us e-accessibility, the young, single parents and "silver surfers". This is part 2. Why not part one? Part One has Tony Blair and other politicians making promises and giving impressions - that was all spin and no substance. Part One is still on You Tube - but guess what? We can't embed that but - what a surprise! If any video doesn't work - click menu and choose another . . .






























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