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My webring. . .  Let me know if you want to exchange links. . .   

A web ring is basically a group of people with web sites that act to a mutual benefit. They can link the sites together and share information. A link from this page will also get the bots from the search engines visiting and get you on the search engines like Google. This link is to an author's site, please pay it a visit:

Click here to help some sick kids. You will feel good for helping! We're sending Monty the funky monkey around the world!

Click here, it's a new TalkTalk site being developed with Dreamweaver:

I'm happy to give Tibo software a free advert. They do the software for the jigsaw puzzles. You can find our Yahoo group dedicated to jigsaws and art by following the link at the bottom of the page. Just click the logo to go to their downloads page and you can download free edition. But it costs less than $10 to buy it! Incidentally, no spy ware, they didn't even put a cookie on my computer! Tibosoftware have given me a free update to the jigsaw program. I'll try and put a jigsaw on the site for you to download next time.

Latest news: This site has been trawled by a spider-bot - so it has followed the above links and probably trawled (or crawled) those too. Spider bots are used by search engines to add sites. Join my web ring and get on a search engine - I'm expecting another visit from a spider-bot soon!

Visit Jody's site anyway - cool games and stuff:

This is new site for you to visit if you are interested in gardening. It does raised beds and they are good. It saves you bending down to pick you lettuces or whatever! It's based in Wales:  Well worth a visit and it's linked to an EBay shop so you can pay with a credit card.

If you need some computer tuition and like in the CV8 area - this is a new site and he does tuition at home.

If you are an ex-pat from Wales or are connected to Wales in any way. Visit this site. There is a Youtube video about Wales and there is a DVD available about Wales. There are limited numbers and they are in PAL format and the one used in the USA.

Please visit the other sites on this page, some have been deleted it's a web ring. I give a link in exchange for a link!

This is a link to Naz Bob's site that is a Talktalk site that he has recently started - click  the logo to visit:


This TalkTalk website has just started to be developed take a look and watch as it's developing.

Please visit the other sites and pages.

There are lots of links on this page to web pages, Myspace pages and small business. If you would like a link. My email address is at the bottom of the page.

Ways To Make Money Online Club

Whatever you have. A web site, blog or even a Myspace page - email me and do a link exchange. You get your logo on this page and you put my logo on your site. Then you get traffic ( I get around 1,000 new hits a month) and the bots from all the search engines.





























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