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It took me a while to get used to using FrontPage. It is probably the easiest to learn and it has shared borders - so everything in the border at the top of these pages and bottom is carried over to all other pages. When I do a new page - I can also carry over the background from the Home Page. I can embed links easily just as text like a link to the Talk-Talk page is just a right click and then select the TalkTalk page. I tend to save my pages to a folder called TalkTalk in Mywebs. Mywebs is in the My documents folder if you're using XP. Then when I've finished the update I upload it to the server. That is called publish on the menu! I have 3 views, normal, HTML and preview.

I'm using normal to edit.  When you look at sites - look at the bottom of the page for affiliates and you get information there about the agency that site uses. On this site I've moved most of my images to Photo bucket to save space  and the video is mainly on Youtube. After you watch a Youtube video click menu and select another! To activate your TalkTalk web space go to and log in with your phone and it will ask you to log in again! Do the same again. When you get to the dashboard select webspace. Now you will be asked if you want to add webspace and you type the name of your site between the www. and the . is the top level domain. You get a sub-domain of that. Like mine is . Think carefully about the name. It's a good idea to do a logo too. You can do a logo easily at You need a unique name if you can - so people will remember it and it will be something people can type in to Google and find you easily. Try typing the names you think of in to Google to see if anyone else thought of it before you! Then you need traffic and to get on the search engines. if you send me a email with your logo. I'll give you a link on my web ring page and you do the same for me. All the bots from the search engines will follow that link and index your page. The bots from Google will visit very quickly, then Yahoo, MSN, and a few more. I get around 1,000 new visitors a month - so if your site looks interesting they may take a look!

One of my latest ideas; now I have a decent camera is to link pages to photo bucket and save space. I only have 15 Mb and that gave me 22 pages. I'm now nearly up to 30 pages! It's fairly easy, upload your images to photo bucket - then they supply the code for you to paste where you want the picture. I'm doing quite large pictures and given them a page of their own now. I saw a website where the guy did a search for sexy pictures using Google and put them all on a website categorized and made cash from the advertising. Great idea - why didn't I think of that?

I would try and sign up for that to do blogging. Write about your passion. It may be your life, your holiday, your special interest, your hobby - whatever - as long as it is interesting! Each blog has it's own URL. That is it's own address. So I have links to all mine on my Blogger page. Blogger and Blogspot are the same thing!

If you don't have any web space try for cheap webspace and in the UK they have a freephone number too. If you sign up for 12 months they usually offer 1 month free. They operate in a lot of countries and I have seen a few complaints about them; but you can expect that with any company. TalkTalk have enough complaints to fill a  Terabyte hard drive! lol So have a go at doing a website with some cheap space and NVU or FrontPage or maybe Dreamweaver whatever you can get or afford. Some older versions of software like Dreamweaver still work and are decent and they can be picked up cheap or even free. You too can be an infamous webmaster! LOL





























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