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 About Me . . .

My user name is Mike10613, in case you haven't figured that out. The map below shows where I live in the central part of England. The picture gives you an idea of what it is like. That helicopter was probably hovering over my house when it took the picture!  That's the M6 motorway on the left. If you can see the crossroads on the right of the picture. The road that runs from right to left is the main road out of town and to the motorway. Turn right at the crossroads and then left and the dark L shaped building is my old High school. Over the road is the new one! I never give out personal information like my name, address, phone number or town I live in. But this is the Black Country! I live alone in a 3 bedroom house with a garden. I have a desktop computer and a laptop and a wireless network. Incidentally, I did have to get a scholarship to go to that school! After I left I went to college and studied electrical science, telecommunications and later electronics. I also did a course in counselling and a few correspondence courses in writing. That must be why I write such brilliant blogs! lol. The learning to type came in handy. One young lady keeps asking if I'm a robot! Because I type so fast when she chats to me on Windows Live instant messenger. Windows Live messenger takes up more memory than the old one 4X as much but you get a Skydrive that gives you 25 Gb of space online to share your photographs and documents with you friends or everyone.

If you would like Adobe digital Editions which is great for reading e_Books in .pub format or .PDF format get it FREE from:  If you would like to do your own e_Book then write it using a word processor and then set up Primo PDF as your printer. You click print and it turns your e_Book into a PDF. You just go to printers and set Primo PDF as default printer to use it and then go to printers and set your usual printer to default when you actually want to print - again it is FREE! Get it as a download from: If you do a decent e_Book let me know I would like to read it and maybe publish it?

I now have a new printer/scanner/copier and so I've started scanning my postcard collection and taking some decent pictures with my new camera! I could put those pictures and information about the value of cards on Google pages - or maybe on here. People check out my Home Page and the TalkTalk page and pages about me! It must be because I'm single and unattached. lol What else can I say about myself? I'm interested in everything as you will see if you look around this website! I'm interested in politics and Human Rights and keep the Human Rights page even though it's the most unpopular page! I'm interested in design and marketing - that's why the advertising keeps changing. i get lots of statistics on which pages are popular from that. I have spent my life helping people and I've helped with a few websites recently and will be helping with more. if you need help getting started with a personal website - either on space provided by your ISP  - send me an email. I want to build up my webring so we can have a proper webmasters community where people can learn something that is profitable and may even make them a new career. It is also educational and you can make new friends with a common interest - it beats one measly page on Myspace anyway.


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I'm obviously interested in computers and technology and studied electronics at college. I also did a counselling course. I often answer questions on Yahoo answers on psychology and philosophy. I like writing and I write on Blogspot and Soulcast. Anyway magazine editors please note - I will sell the copyrights on my material if the terms are right! I can also write on a variety of subjects. Being an English eccentric (off centre - not crazy) I can offer you a different perspective on an issue or problem. I understand a lot about psychology as it applies in a therapeutic sense and also the psychology of marketing as it applies to memetics and viral marketing. So Editors please note that my email address is at the bottom of the page! Music producers, listen to the music!


I've added a page on postcards and I have a lot of local postcards. I hope to rescan those cards and put each picture on a separate page with text explaining about the postcard and it's value. I also want to take photographs of some of the places featured in the cards - so you can compare how things have changed in the past 100 years. I shall also add information about coin collecting and some photographs.






























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