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I was going to do this site with Dreamweaver but have to learn Dreamweaver first! I am getting the general idea but have to sort out how to do the CSS; in the meantime I'll continue with FrontPage and I have to design a new site to back up the novel I've written and I hope to have that linked to a forum so you can all come and join in the fun! Start thinking of a pirate name for yourself ready! lol. I hope the book will be published and printed and the website will offer Captain Jack's notes on his further adventures and maybe downloadable Chronicles in PDF e-Book format. More information on my novel is on the Editorial page.

Click this graphic to go to M. J. Webb's new website to read about his new novel. it's available now for $6; less than 4 quid on and will be available in print in a few months. Please click this banner to see the new site that I am developing for M.J. Webb; check out Mike's pages for more details of my novel!



A novel by M. J. Webb.

I am working hard on the website for Jake West:The Keeper of the Stones and learning more about Dreamweaver and CSS every day! I know it has the same background as this one. I tried parchment but it didn't look right. I shall do more work on this one soon and do a new site locally with Dreamweaver. I want a favicon like I have done for the other site; it may be tiny but a major achievement for me; I didn't know what a favicon was a couple of weeks ago. The site has only got 344 visitors so far, so do please visit. I get around 1,000 a month on this rubbish site and that one is much better! Today I had someone in France visit the site and someone from Glasgow City Council; I have no idea why but you're all welcome. Writers' are welcome to email me if you're trying to publish or publicise. We have already put some links on that site for writers and one for our brilliant illustrator.  The novel should be out in hard back soon but you can buy it for just $5 now as an ebook; that around 3.50 GBP; I think it's 3 quid plus VAT. Thanks for visiting my site, do come back I'll update it when I can. I shall be having more web space and a brand new site in the near future.

The novel still isn't out yet and it's the 23rd of August but it has an ISBN and so it shouldn't be long. I have a few pages on the site to give people advanced information on my novel. I hope to do some technology reviews with photographs soon too. You can view my page by clicking Mike10613 here. I am still doing this site in FrontPage - it's quick and easy. is done in Dreamweaver.

Do you want to become 'rich and famous' on the internet; Shari has some idea on the subject. Visit her website. It's done with Wordpress which is ideal for blogs and communicating with pictures and the written word. you can get a site on  or download the software to put it on your own space from .


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