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Captain Jack: A Ship's Log.

This is a synopsis of the novel I have written and will send to publishers now.

The main character in my comedy adventure loses his job just before Christmas; he is a charismatic character and doesn't give in easily. He sees a 'ship' for sale on the internet and after celebrating Christmas and New Year he packs all his worldly goods into his panel van and sets off to a fishing port on the east coast of England. He meets the ship's owner after calling his cell phone and buys the ship for cash at a bargain price. It is only when the owner is long gone, he makes new friends and they tell him his 'ship' is a condemned trawler! He is undeterred and decides to turn it into a 'pirate' ship and change his name to John. T. Johnson; his name is Smith and that is way too boring. Of course with a name like John everyone can call him Captain Jack. He makes friends easily and has help from the local people and meets a young man ten years his junior who unlike our hero knows something about sailing! His new friend and first mate Mark helps him turn the trawler into a pirate ship. They do house clearances together and find all kinds of 'treasure' to sell. There are problems like having to arrange a funeral for the late Captain Bell. During one house clearance they discover their greatest treasure of all. Pandora the parrot is all alone after her owner passed away and she soon becomes Pandowa the pawwot; she can't say Ar - poor thing... Will Pandowa ever stop squawking, "Tangaweens, Tangaweens, Tangaweens," or is her tangerine addiction permanent? :)

The book cover should look something like this:





























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