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The Money Page.

I've cut a lot of outdated stuff from this page, I'll add more financial advice in  the light of the recession. I had an article published this year on Finance and so I'm getting good at it!

Collect points and get cash back.

Keep coming back to this page - more ideas on money will be put on this page. If you have a good money making tip or a good money saving tip - let me know. I like Mutual points. Basically, if you are going to buy something on the Internet do it through Mutual points and you get money back for the points. I went through Mutual points when I bought my laptop and that added points worth around 10 GBP. It adds up, I have over 14,000 points now. I can cash them in for 90 GBP ! Better than a smack in the gob - as they say! lol The fact I'm a shareholder in the company doesn't affect my views at all! I own 11 shares! WOW!

I gave up smoking in 2003. I saved enough to buy a car for cash. I was on 200 a week. Cigarettes are heavily taxed in the UK and many people buy from smugglers. I was told that the price from the smugglers is now 30 GBP ($50 US) for 200. So that's $2,500 a year. Imagine how much in a lifetime. I decided I had enough will power to give up. They are as addictive as heroin; non - smokers believe it! So I'd advise people never to start - it's like trying crack cocaine. Crazy. I've virtually, given up alcohol too. I get all my news from the Internet and 3 news channels on TV - so I cancelled my newspapers. I had a dog and trained him to go without food - but he died just as he was getting used to it.... (That's a joke). Incidentally, I register with supermarkets online and they make you all kinds of offers - like free delivery. One sent me a 30 GBP voucher to spend if I spent over 70 GBP. 30 GBP is $50 for my American friends. So I could spend 70 GBP and pay only 40 GBP - had to be good. The supermarket has stationary, clothes, electrical, everything. It's hell to park though and a little too big - I can never find anything. But I always have own brands - not quite as good as famous brands sometimes. But most times they are fine. The buy two and save and buy one and get one free - are always worth having. 


Try registering with - they pay a little for your opinions just click this link:

I have just put in a request for a cheque for 50 quid from Yougov!

Paypal is good if you have a site and something to sell. I may have a PayPal button on my new site so people can buy my new novel as an ebook. It will be cheap and you can read it with Adobe digital Editions - that's free.

         Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

 Interested in blogging? Go to my Blogger  page and read some of my blogs.

Want to be rich and famous? You can now do it on the Internet. First you need a unique professional name, that will come up in search engines. You then need something to say. One guy wrote about his arguments with his wife! he ended up with a book deal and cash in advance. You need to blog, try or put Wordpress on your own webspace, you can get the software from and maybe a forum? You also need to learn fast and learn how to search, try searching for Simply Machines Forums (SMF) that is a good forum software and open source. You then need to learn how social networking operates and how to be nice to people and help them! They will usually help in return, this is called networking. Try Facebook and LinkedIn is good if you have professional expertise. I'm on both, in fact I'm on most social networking sites. Zorpia caters for Europe and eastern Europe in particular. My yearbook is losing popularity but is interesting. The leaders of course are Facebook and LinkedIn.

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