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The Human Rights Page. . .

Disabled Rights

A new page, promoting human rights! As I have limited space and I'm already promoting a variety things.  In this case International laws on human rights and here in the UK, the European convention on Human rights, the UK law ratifying that convention and the Disability Rights Act; then it's time to publicise their actions - it is a democracy! (I think!)  Disabled, doesn't just mean people in wheelchairs - there are many different types of disability.

If you are in the UK and over the age of 18. You also have the right to vote. This link will give you access, for a fee, to the electoral roll over over 100 million people. This is amazing when the think that the population is only around 60,000,000 and around 16,000,000 of those are children and under 18 years of age. So who are the 56,000,000 on the Electoral roll who aren't actually UK citizens. Another interesting fact I read is that 84 million National Insurance numbers have been issued. So we also have around 40,000,000 extra people eligible to work in the UK. I wonder who the 16,000,000 are that can vote, but can't work because they haven't got a National Insurance number. Statistics, are fascinating, they give us such an insight into life in the UK.

This link is to direct gov and is supposed to give you information on your rights under the Disability Discrimination Act.

This is the link to the Disability Rights Commission:

If you are on Incapacity benefit or DLA then you are probably aware the government has already made changes in the UK and are planning more. The changes are in my opinion unconstitutional. They are in breach of the Disability Discrimination Act, The Human Rights Act, The European Convention on Human Rights and of course International law too. People must lobby their MP's to stop the changes and persuade the government it is electoral suicide to continue to attack the most vulnerable in society and perpetuate the poverty trap. Government ministers cannot lecture other countries on Human Rights, when they walk all over the rights of their own citizens her in the UK. If you are on these benefits and sick or disabled these sites may be of interest. The first is benefits and work. Lots of information on there but it is better if you become a member:

I haven't had chance to have a good look at but promised them a link - they help with DLA:

Liberty run an advice service on human rights:

Disability Alliance have organised a campaign around the welfare reform bill:

Disability Law Service take on cases on behalf of individual disabled people:

Children's rights..

The NSPCC are currently running their FULL STOP campaign.

Click the green link to join us! If you are still at school and have a problem ring the Child Line number.

Cruelty to children must stop. FULL STOP. NSPCCChildline


Human rights in Britain is appalling for a so called free democratic country. We get adverts on television asking people to report benefit cheats! The cheats are the cheats claiming expenses for porno and they are called Members of Parliament. People who have psychological problems are offered Cognitive behaviour therapy - a daft idea imported from America. The government threw 170 million at the problem of mental health. They hoped to cut the bill for benzodiazepines and anti-depressants like SSRI's. They also got the Welfare reform Act pushed through to pick on the weakest in society, the sick and disabled. Job seekers allowance is stopped for people unemployed in a depression when the government through the total lack of regulation allowed the banks to lend money irresponsibly. Scottish Power is now Spanish Power. Alliance and Leicester is part of Santander. Most of the energy companies charge what they want on a overseas run cartel.  The rich do not realise they make money from the poor workers! They attack the workers and exploit them and the economy goes into recession, the poor cope they are used to it. The people at the top pay themselves bonuses and expenses  and the middle classes face a retirement age of 68 up from 60 for women!

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