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The TalkTalk page. . .

   Click the TalkTalk logo to the left to go to their home page. I know they keep changing the logo and I couldn't find the Home page today!  It was part off AOL last time I used it. The top search on this site appears to be the TalkTalk Home page! Now you know how to get there!

When you're on the TalkTalk site watch out for TalkTalk directory in the menu on the left hand side. Click that and you get a box, put a phone number in and it will tell you if it's part of TalkTalk. I put the switchboard phone number in of my local hospital - it is part of Opal telecom and so part of TalkTalk. I can call it for free up to 3 hours (179 minutes).

Click the above logo to go to the TalkTalk website. That page tells you the current deals and if you are already using TalkTalk you can log in on that page. If you are already with TalkTalk. Click My account. On the next page you can register for online billing or log in with your email address and password. Haven't set up email yet? Go down the page to Manage You Broadband account. Click manage broadband features! Now you have a LOGIN! This is your PHONE NUMBER and password. If you're new the password was sent to you - you can change it once you get in to something memorable. You can add email accounts when you have logged in. I just logged in and it says I have one email account. ( I really have 4). You can now click, add email accounts then add email accounts. I have two listed now - one of which is my phone number at TalkTalk. I'm used to this and I'm confused! Now you can click Webspace and add webspace! I don't have any! This website does not exist;  you're hallucinating. I'm worse, I'm updating it! If you really don't have webspace click "add new webspace account". Now you should have a page that says and under that a password. If there is no password you have to type your password twice. Now replace the phone number with the name for your website. This is a sub-domain of In my case it's . Think carefully before you fill this bit in! You want it all lower case!

You are still in the Dashboard. Now connection is at the top of the screen! This is for changing your log in password for ADSL. It is also your log in for the dashboard. Careful changing this one! If you have a wireless router you will also have to change the login password in your wireless router; so if in doubt leave it alone. To get in the wireless router you normally enter into your browser. If that doesn't work, you have a different private IP for your router. What is your routers IP? Click START, then RUN, enter CMD and a screen comes up. Now we do a trace to a server like Google. Type on the black screen Tracert and the results of the trace - all the IP's of the server from you to Google will be displayed. My first one said 1ms (that's 1 millisecond) (that's my router) followed by the private IP. The private IP was enclosed in [] so came up [] . The private IP of my laptop is and my desktop - all the other IP's are the PUBLIC IP's of the servers the last being - the IP of the Google server. IP's are Internet protocols like the addresses of the computers. The first public address on your tracert list will be your public IP. If you disconnect from the Internet and reconnect - this will change! You have a dynamic IP. ADSL is Asynchronous Dialup Subscriber Line. When the light flashes on you modem or router it's dialling - then you get allocated a IP. Some internet connections have static IP's these don't change. If you see an IP that is a long string of numbers separated by : then that is the new system - they are running out of numbers!

You set up your email and now you want to check your email on the server. You log in. From the dashboard click webmail. On the right side of the screen enter your email address and password for the account you want. This page is on the AOL server (confused? So am I)

Click the link at the top of the page and enter your email address and password and your TalkTalk bill will come up; if you have registered for online billing. There are loads of links on that page. Webmail is on the left and links back to ( you guessed) the AOL server.

You can access all your email using Outlook Express. It is easier as it downloads all your email when you click send/receive and usually does it every 20 minutes - it will filter out spam if it's set up right too. In Outlook Express click Tools, then accounts,  a screen comes up click add to add a new account. Follow the instructions. Then click Tools, then accounts again and double click the account you just set up. You should have your name on the page, the account name (probably the same), the email address and the box at the bottom ticked ( it says include this account when receiving or synchronizing). Now click the Servers tab. Fill in the boxes or correct them. POP3: SMTP: Account name: Your email address. Password: Your password. Click remember password but not the other boxes. The next tab to click is connection. If this says Broadband and you're using a modem, leave it. If you are using a router, tick the box and select local area connection. Now click advanced - no boxes are ticked just make sure the port numbers are right and click apply and OK. The port numbers are SMTP: 25 POP3: 110 and you're set up. Do all your other accounts the same. you can also access Yahoo and Gmail accounts using Outlook Express. But the settings are different! Outlook Express has been abandoned with Windows 7 in favour of Live mail - I hate it so I'm using Outlook - I have to enter about 150 email addresses manually!


 If you have problems with TalkTalk make sure you ask for the right department. No ADSL or it's too slow ask for the broadband department. If they don't help ask to be put through to second line in the UK. The same applies to technical support. Just about everything thing else - if they don't fix it ask for the escalations department. Remember they are still selling at a loss to most customers until all the telephone exchanges have been "unbundled". The same problems apply to other ADSL suppliers. You can use a cable supplier - but check the download limits - they are often low at 2 Gb a month and check the small print - the price often doubles after an introductory period.


Click the Talk Talk logo above to go to their site and check out their new deal.   The details are on the site. But basically, you get free calls throughout the UK to geographical numbers. Note the contract is for 18 months! I now have my broadband and my router says it's set at 16 Mbs and I have got as high as 11 Mbs! Check out your speed at just click there graphic on the links page. The prices below have changed check the new prices.

For 20.99 GBP a month you do get free geographical calls and  free international calls to lots of countries like European countries, even the USA, Canada and Australia. Plus free Broadband up to 8 Meg! The free calls last for up to 60 minutes - but you can re-dial after that and carry on talking. If you're calling another Talk Talk customer the time limit is 3 hours! That is good!

There is a 29.99 GBP sign up fee for the new service - but you can pay that out of the advance rental you usually pay BT. I used pay 36 GBP every 3 months line rental - so no problem for me. But click the logo at the top of the screen and check it out for yourself.

If you need to phone NHS direct for health advice you will still have to pay the number is 0845 4647 and costs around 4p in the daytime and 1p a minute at weekends. The same applies to other 0845 numbers. There was a connection charge added for 0845 and 0870 numbers too. TalkTalk are doing a deal for free calls to those numbers now. I can't be bothered calling TalkTalk they will probably put me through to Bangalore!

Broadband and web space:

I do this site with FrontPage and use shared borders. That means what I put in the borders at top and bottom are on every page. To upload I enter my log in email Mike10613(@) and upload to You can test to see if you set up your TalkTalk website right by typing the address into Internet Explorer but use ftp:// instead of http:// and it will ask for your log in, the email you gave when you activated your web space - and your password. No don't bother trying to guess my password... Remember when you activate your web space to use an email address and that will then be the name of your site. In the email address notice I've changed the @ to  (@) - I get a lot of bots on the site searching for that symbol and I don't want a load of SPAM in Japanese going to that address! I put a little Chinese on the Home page and they all assume I speak that and Japanese! I've had offers for mail order brides, fake Rolex watches and allsorts! I have had a email from a company in China in English that has digital photo frames for export - they display jpg's etc and play mp3's. Interesting ... Check the Internet page and the other pages for more information about doing your own site. This is a popular page on this site after the Home Page and people don't bother with some of the other pages but there is lots of information on every page. But if you're starting a TalkTalk site - email me first for some tips.  It's a good idea to have a unique name for your site - so it will show up easy in search engines. You also need to join a web ring and then you get traffic from this site if you join mine! Part of that traffic will be the bots from the search engines. For more information on starting your own website visit the Webz  page.


I'm editing this page with FrontPage. If you have web space from TalkTalk or whoever - FrontPage is probably the easiest to learn. I'm still waiting for pages to load in to FrontPage and editing this one! I press ctrl S every now and then to save the page I'm working on. Doing the Home page is probably the most difficult. I decide on the background and that can then be passed to all the other pages. I use shared borders, not to be confused with margins, in the top borders are the hyperlinks to other pages in the bottom border links to other sites and my email address. I hold down ctrl and click the links and the pages load in fast! Everything in the top and bottom border on the Home Page (file name index.htm) goes on all other pages. You can see the names of the other pages in your browser - it's the bit after the / - so on this page it's TalkTalk.htm. I save the page not long after starting it and give it a name and a file name. Otherwise FrontPage names pages new page 1, 2, 3, and so on! On the new site should be lots of information on doing small websites and links to others. Plus backgrounds, pictures, music and animated gifs. I need more ideas! I can't do "forms" - I need FrontPage extensions on the server for that - and so have to link to another server for the guest book and counters. I hope this information will help if you're doing a website. If you haven't got FrontPage - try NVU. It works in Windows and I think there is a Linux version too. Get that from , incidentally putting in that link to NVU was easy just type it and follow with a space. Other links need me to right click and click hyperlink. If you are starting a website on TalkTalk, don't expect much help from technical support - or any other ISP for that matter! If you want to save space - and you only get 15 Mb on TalkTalk - you can hotlink. The photos on my friends page were about 1 Mb; and so I put them on Photo bucket and they give you the code to hotlink them to your website. You just switch to HTML and paste it in.

It is worth remembering if you're on Talk 3 like me and hardly ever pay for a call that the calling circle applies to mobile phones (cell phones) and it's worth checking you have all the ones you call regularly in your calling circle. Something i must do. You can also call your friends in the USA on their cell phones for free up to 60 minutes. That has changed from 70 minutes. You can now go on the website and sign up for free 0845 and 0870 calls; the same as BT with some plans. It's complicated like everything else and you have to check everything out on the site because things keep changing.  

Incidentally, TalkTalk cut their charges to mobile phones a while ago - check their website for details. It's much cheaper especially on weekends around 3.5p a minute to most networks. Put the numbers you call most on your calling circle. . If you're in doubt about TalkTalk broadband and thinking of signing up. Check out the prices for TalkTalk and then AOL UK (Also owned by TalkTalk) and there is a difference!

 New Pages

On the Gallery page just click forward to see the next picture. The same applies to the PIX page and the Friends pages. Most images are now on Photo bucket - so I can make better use of the 15 Mb of space that I have. If you're doing a site - email me and join my web ring.






























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