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I haven't written any new blogs on Blogger for a while but will make an effort - things came to a standstill when my ADSL was off for 10 days and I'm still catching up!  But click the link to Newsvine at the bottom of the page to see  what I've put on there - then click vote it up the vine - if you think it's good. I put serious and political stuff on Newsvine.


The Google beta blogger is apparently no longer a beta. Visit Blogger or Blogspot (They are the same thing). There is interesting stuff to read as well as mine! These links are to some early blogs:

My talented friends.

A community for webmasters, art and postcards and stuff...

Summer: Rambling on a Sunday afternoon...

This blog is interesting and is linked to a video about human computation. Getting people do do stuff that computers can't. It has implications - first some companies are using these techniques to get people to work for free and even enjoy it! It also gives me the idea that a lot of people could work and enjoy it as well as getting paid!

Human Computation - watch the video!

Yahoo Answers and stuff (includes a LDN video - Lily Allen)

Get rich quick!

This is Spooky:

A Spooky Dream...

My new ideas! 

Click to pay   This is my most popular blog!

A webmasters community?  Read this one if you are interested in joining my webmaster community. Space will be limited when I give away free web space.

Money from a website?        

How wealthy are you ?

Welfare reform?

A website, car and company?

I'm doing a series of ideas and they are worth having a look at! I'm going to look at the "Money from a website" blog myself later - it has suddenly become popular! The adverts on the page have too!


I have my new printer/scanner/copier and have made a start on scanning my postcards!  You can actually do quite well trading in Postcards. I've seen cards for sale on EBay at prices well under their value. You have to know where to sell postcards. Personally, if I was selling some cards on EBay. I would put them in an album. I have small albums that hold just 24 cards and that is good - I can have albums for different subjects. Collectors will pay high prices for something they really like. So doing a good scan of your cards to sell online is a good idea. I personally like French cards, especially Art Nouveau. My collection was started in the "Golden Age" of postcards when it was very fashionable to send postcards; that was around the end of 19 century and the beginning of the 20th century. Some cards fetch very high prices - especially old ones in good condition. Cards to do with certain subjects too - like Royalty fetch good prices. I saw some stamps on TV valued by an expect from a major auction house at 60 GBP. That's around $120. I saw the same stamps on the US EBay site for just $5. So you can buy on EBay and sell at a profit - if you know where to sell.

News Vine.

You can read my column on News Vine by going to Some of the stuff I've written and I've "seeded" interesting articles from other sources too. Newsvine is like a giant newspaper. Please, if you read something interesting vote me up the vine! Please vote my stuff up the vine!






























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